Reaching the "New Normal:" Understanding Adult Learners and Attracting Them to Your Institution

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If you're trying to grow your adult enrollment and feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unsure of how to prioritize, you're not alone.
Marketing to adult learners is much more complex than marketing to traditional students. In the sphere of adult education, prospective students are in various consideration phases with a broad array of options open to them—everything from microcredentials and corporate learning to higher ed’s mix of on-ground, online, and hybrid programs. 
In short, it’s a lot to make sense of. How do prospective students make informed choices? And how do you help your program cut through the noise? 
In this eBook, we look at what motivates adults’ return to college as well as the main questions they have as they consider this journey. We've also compiled 10 ideas (plus one bonus point!) on how best to position your institution in an especially noisy marketplace. Here's an overview:
  • Who Adult Learners are and What’s Motivating Them 
  • National Imperative to Increase Graduates in the Workforce 
  • Pragmatic Workers Balancing Life’s Many Logistics 
  • Five Questions Adult Learners Are Asking 
  • Ten Marketing Tips for Attracting Adult Learners